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Gov. Philip Reenactment
Gunnedah 6th April 2103
Wives and their value
Wallabadah School Visit
9th March 2013 Flag Raising
Australia Day 2013
Ben Lomand 2012
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Ships of the First Fleet
Insurance Policy Summary
John Small & Mary Parker Story
9th March 2013
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Every Day Life John Goode
From Reminiscences of Australia
Rope & Pulley Story
The John Cross Story
Hamilton & Teague
More on John Nicholls
10th Birthday

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Our organisation is a chapter of the NSW Fellowship of First Fleeters.
Our members meet bi monthly on the first Saturday of each second month to discuss matters relating to the colonisation of Australia when our ancestors first arrived on the First Fleet in 1788.
Our membership is at present 48 but the numbers who would be eligible in the Tamworth area alone could be in the hundreds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remind the public of our valuable heritage.
"To live in the hearts and minds of descendants is never to die"


Organization News

To view photos of our activities please click on  "Photos" in the left hand column. We will be conducting most of our meetings at the Family History rooms 62 North St Tamworth.

Our systym of using our own members as guest speakers is very popular.

We had a great Australia Day again this year with breakfast at the Tamworth Entertainment Centre (TREC) and then our usual pilgramage to Wallabadah for an Australia Day Picnic in the First Fleeters Memorial Park.

A new memorial to those who travelled on the Second Fleet has now been added.

Go to "10th Birthday" on the left hand column for photos and story.



 This site is being closed down. Please go to                                            
For membership enquiries please phone the Secretary Mrs Diane Harband on 67652122 or President Barbara Hodgson on 67665355, or Treasurer Col Worrad on 67670274 or attend one of our bi monthly meetings which are usually held at the Family History Rooms at 62 North St Tamworth on the first Saturday of Feb, April, June, August, & October. Commencing at 1.30pm.
The photo is of the 2014-15 board. 

Board for 2014 - 15

Annette Miller, Col Worrad, Barbara Hodgson, Anne Ware, Harold McLean, Pat Worrad, Sybil Small, Janette McLean, Diane Harband.

Warren White -185
FFs Anthony Rope & Elizabeth Pulley

Mailing Address:
17 Hibiscus Way
Calala Tamworth  2340

Phone: 02 67623801

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