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North West Chapter, Fellowship of First Fleeters
January 2004 Newsletter


Ships of the First Fleet
Calendar for 2004
Insurance Policy Summary
John Small & Mary Parker Story
March 2004 Newsletter
Rope & Pulley Story
January 2004 Newsletter

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President: Warren White  Ph. 6760 3801         Secretary: Diana Harband  Ph. 6765 2122

Treasurer: Robert Duck           Archives: Beryl Beynon         Newsletter: Anne Ware


NEWSLETTER NO. 13 January 2004

Presidents Report for January.

Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas.   I know that Betty-Anne and I enjoyed the Christmas get together at Aussie and Jenny Pratts home, we trust that you did too.

Thank you so much Aussie and Jenny for allowing us to impose on you again.   You are great hosts.

Since our last meeting I have found out a little bit more about what is required of us re the Country Music Concert on the 24th January.   This is actually the Australia Day Concert but will be held two days earlier.

Peter Goddard, who is organising part of the event would like us to wear our Tee Shirts and assist as ushers, showing the dignitaries to their seats and generally assisting in this quarter.   Also to take the bucket around for donations and perhaps take insect repellent around to the patrons as is usually the case on that night.

We have been requesting the opportunity to take part in these celebrations and now we have been given it.   I do hope this will attract a lot of FFFs and we can put on a good showing.

Would you please phone me on 67603801 and let me know who is coming and if you have Tee Shirts.   This is a great opportunity to show the public who we are. (If you get our answer phone, please leave a message, even if it is simply your name and phone number).   I do need to hear from you.

On Monday the 26th January we will be gathering at the Botanic Gardens at Tamworth at 7am for the Australia Day Church Service where we will be reading a lesson.   This will be followed by a sausage sizzle and a Naturalising Ceremony.

Once more, this will give us the opportunity to say We are here! This is the most important day on a First Fleeters Calender.

Following the celebrations we will then be heading for the First Fleeters Gardens at Wallabadah for an old fashioned picnic.

Bring everything especially a blanket to sit on and some memorabilia to share, but please come and make this a great day.

I have received more information re our insurance policy, attached.

Our Secretary Diana has set out a program for the whole year.   This will also be attached to this message.


The June meeting will not only be our AGM, but we hope to have a speaker who will show us around the mysteries of constructing and maintaining an interesting scrapbook.


It looks as if we are going to have a good fun year. I can hardly wait!


Yours in Fellowship

Warren White - A descendant of FFs Anthony Rope and Elizabeth Pulley.



It is with regret that we have to advise of the death of

Arthur Colin MAUNDER on 1st January 2004, aged 88 years.

Arthur became a member of the North West Chapter at our very first meeting, was a Life Member of the Tamworth Historical Society and had been a member of the Tamworth Family History Group since January 1985

Our deepest Sympathy goes to his wife and family





Meeting commenced at 12.05pm with prayer by Annette Miller, and a welcome from Warren White

PRESENT: Betty-Anne & Warren White, Pat & Col Worrad, Anne & Bob Ware, Daisy Holley, Annette Miller, Vivian Packer, Marie Kildey, Helen & John Fergus, Auss & Jenny Pratt, Graham & Diana Harband (16 in total)

APOLOGIES: Jenny Westley, Ray Collins, Betty Offner, Robert Duck, Robert & Beryl Beynon

MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING: The minutes from the previous meeting were read by Diana Harband.   Moved by Betty-Anne White, sec. Pat Worrad, that the minutes were correct.   Carried


        As regards First Fleet vessels, Auss suggested that you type in "First Fleet" on Internet and this will bring up pictures.   This was in answer to Jenny Westley's query on posters of First Fleet ships (October meeting)

        Australia Day celebrations: Warren has put details on a Web page + he has also written to the Tamworth City Council telling them about our group and what it represents.   On Australia Day, the Chapter is invited to be part of the Ecumenical Service, commencing at 7am, in Tamworth Botanic Gardens.   This will be followed by breakfast.   The Chapter will then meet at Wallabadah at 12noon, for a picnic in the First Fleeter Gardens.   Six Quirindi councillors will be meeting us.

        Warren raised the matter of the hiring of the Community Centre, and how the Chapter gets charged different amounts each hiring.   Explanation is that if there is more than one room at the Centre being used then the cost of caretaker /cleaning is split.   Chapter is happy to be meeting at the Centre.

        Discussion about the two First Fleeter charts sent to the Chapter.   Decision taken to have one framed and the other laminated, and then to decide where to put them.   Suggestions were: to be put in the Tamworth City Council, to be put in Community Centre, to take them to each meeting or to put one up in the new Library.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Betty-Anne White, in the absence of Robert Duck, said there was a balance in the bank of $725. 50.   Two accounts were presented for payment: hire of room for October ($31) and reimbursement of Anne Ware for stamps and stationery ($58).   This leaves a balance of $636.50.   Report moved by Betty-Anne, seconded by Jenny Pratt. Carried.


        Letter from Tamworth City Council dated 28r'' November inviting members of the Chapter to be involved in not only the Ecumenical Service at Botanic Gardens on Australia Day, but also the Australia Day Concert to be held on Saturday, 24"' January 2004 in Bicentennial Park.   Warren is trying to get in touch with Peter Goddard of Tamworth Apex Club.

        Email sent about Hawkesbury Pioneer Families reunion to be held 29'i'- 30"' November.   Warren has details about the web site for early Hawkesbury families.

        Invitation to North Coast Chapter's Christmas party to be held on 7th December

        Letter from Mike Cashman re Chapter's participation in Tamworth Bottle & Collectables Fair to be held on weekend of 6th 7th March 2004.   Diana to write an acceptance.

        North Coast Chapter sent a list of meeting dates and activities for 2004.   Diana will do a similar one for our Chapter.   This will accompany the first newsletter of 2004.

          Email from Warren notifying William & Pamela Hempel about the Chapter's web page

        A copy of FFF's insurance policy sent to Warren White.   He said that it is in the interest of each Chapter member to belong to the NSW society in order to be covered for not only accident and sickness, but also public risk.   The policy needs further clarification, and Warren is waiting for answers to relevant questions from Roderick Best, FFF's solicitor.

        A list of names and addresses of members sent to both Warren White and Diana Harband.

        A letter of thanks to Warren Newman for his talk at October meeting

      Magazine "Founders"( Sept./Oct ) & 8 raffle tickets in Grand Annual Raffle sent from FFF.  

      Pamela Hempel re First Fleeter data base details



1.     Shirley Cridland from Tamworth Family History Group has supplied the following 3 web sites re the First Fleet :  and

2.     Pat Worrad supported by Anne Ware, talked about the excellent museum at Murrurundi and the memorabilia it contains.   It was suggested by Jenny Pratt that the Chapter visit it for our third birthday on 3`d April 2004.   Also it was suggested we have lunch at the Telegraph Cafe. Diana to inquire about cost and menu.   Further discussion and decision in February meeting

3.     Dates for meetings in 2004 were discussed and the following were decided:

       Saturday 14th February (Community Centre)

       Saturday 3rd April (trip to Murrurundi)

       Saturday 5th June (A.G.M. Community Centre)

       Saturday 7th August (Community Centre)

       Saturday 9th October (Community Centre).(Diana to confirm these dates with Community Centre).

       Saturday 4th December (Meeting followed by Christmas Party

4.     Anne Ware mentioned the John Nichols Descendants' reunion to be held on Sunday 19th September 2004 in the Norm Jordan pavilion at Coffs Harbour Showground.   Membership of the John Nichols society costs $8 per year and members receive a 40-page newsletter each quarter.

5.     FFF proposed trip to Norfolk Island in March 2005.   Further details to be sent

6.     New members Audrey & Doug Sanderson of Medowie to be put on membership list

7.     Next Meeting to be held at Community Centre on Saturday 14`h February 2004 at 1.30pm.   Warren White will speak about the North West Chapter's web site and show us its contents.

Meeting closed at 1.20pm, followed by our Christmas Party




Interpretation of the Insurance Policy:

If you are a member of the State branch of the Fellowship of the First Fleeters you are covered by the Insurance policy held by them.   Many of our members are part of the North West Chapter of the Fellowship of the First Fleeters only, and are therefore, not covered by this insurance.   You do need to be full members.   If you receive the magazine The Founders you are a full member.   Membership of our Chapter is $10 per year for a family.

Membership of the parent body is $30 per person plus $18 for associates and $10 for juniors.   Application forms may be obtained from the secretary or the treasurer.


The insurance policy is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Company and is part of a blanket coverage actually held by the Royal Australian Historical Society of which our association is a part.

The main aspects of the cover is:

  • Public Risk is $10 million with a $1,000 excess per claim.
  • Accidental Death $100,000.   This section also has lesser payouts for dismemberment and similar occurrences.
  • Weekly benefit for injury up to $200 per week, providing that this does not exceed your normal earnings.   Benefit period is up to 104 weeks.
  • Home help $50 per week

The age limit covered is up to age 85.   I am not sure if this also applies to a Public Risk claim and I am very doubtful that this policy covers sickness.

The limitations of the cover is that the accident or incident has to be associated with an activity concerning the Fellowship of First Fleeters although for this purpose it is a 24 hour cover.


I do hope this explains the matter of insurance.   Unfortunately to have a cover for our own Chapter would be a very expensive operation.   All I can say is that it is available if you are or become a member of the parent body.

Yours in Fellowship Warren White, President




Saturday 24th January 2004   Australia Day Concert at Bicentennial Park,

                                                            Tamworth.   Please wear your FFF T-Shirt.

                                                            We will be ushering dignitaries and other duties.


Monday 26th January 2004     Ecumenical Service at Tamworth Botanic

                                                            Gardens 7am   Please wear FFF T-Shirts


                                                            Australia Day Picnic at First Fleeter

                                                            Memorial Park, Wallabadah at 12 noon

                                                            (Bring you own food, drink, chairs etc.)


Saturday 14th February 2004 Meeting - Community Centre Tamworth 1.30pm

(NB Second Saturday)                         Warren White to talk about/demonstrate new



Saturday 6th March 2004 &    Tamworth Bottle & Collectables Fair at Town

Sunday 7th March 2004            Hall.   Members to man information stall.


Saturday 3rd April 2004            3rd Birthday Celebration Trip to Murrurundi to

                                                            visit local museum.   Lunch at Telegraph Café.


Saturday 5th June 2004             AGM at Community Centre, Tamworth, 1.30pm

                                                            Guest Speaker: Belinda Gonsalves will show us

                                                            how to make an interesting History/Scrap Book.


Saturday 7th August 2004        Meeting-Community Centre, Tamworth 1.30pm


Saturday 9th October 2004      Meeting- Community Centre, Tamworth 1.30pm

(NB Second Saturday)


Saturday 4th December 2004  Meeting/Christmas Party to be held at

                                                            112 Fitzroy Street, Tamworth.

                                                            Meeting to commence at 11.30am sharp, to be

                                                            followed by lunch.   Each member is asked to

                                                            bring a plate of food and a small gift.



The Eleven Ships in the First Fleet consisted of two Naval ships, six transports for convicts and three storeships for supplies.


HMS Sirius, flagship, naval warship, 20 guns, 540 tons, 110ft long, 32ft wide, carried 160 people

HMS Supply, Naval tender, 80 guns, 170 tons, 70ft long, 26ft wide

Scarborough, transport, 430 ton, 111ft long, 30ft. wide, carried 208 male convicts

Alexander, transport, 452 tons, 114ft long, 31ft wide, carried 88 male convicts

Lady Penrhyn, transport, 333 tons, 103ft long27ft wide, carried 101 female convicts

Prince of Wales, transport, 350 tons, 103ft long, 29ft wide, carried 1 male and 49 female convicts

Friendship, transport, 274 tons, carried 76 male and 21 female convicts

Charlotte, transport, 335 tons, 105ft long, 28ft wide, carried 88 male and 20 female convicts

Fishburn, storeship, 378 tons

Golden Grove, storeship, 375 tons

Borrowdale, storeship, 375 tons


The few relics of the First Fleet that can be seen today include Rev. Richard Johnsons bible and prayer book, now held at St.Phillips Church, Sydney, and the anchor and cannon of the Sirius, salvaged in 1890 from Norfolk Island and now on display at Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Taken from The First Fleet and year of Settlement by Tony Crago.


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